BHP, BWTS & Neo Panama Fitted are now extracted & filterable

We're now capturing and extracting when vessels are advertised to be:

  • BHP fitted
  • BWTS fitted 
  • Neo Panama fitted - it's the USG grain export season afterall! 🌾 🌽

We also identify and consolidate loads of wording variations, to enable you to compare, and filter by, whether vessels are marketed with any of these important attributes:

New Cargo Classification & Hierarchy

You asked, we listened and delivered ⚡️

We've restructured & simplified our Cargo Classification to promote industry standards... 

  1. It's now easier to search & filter by Cargo Types on your Orders, Fixtures or Insights dashboards, as well as through our data APIs
  2. We're better at identifying and merging duplicate orders that you receive with similar, but slightly different, described cargoes 📦

Parcelling enhancements

We've improved the identification of 'Parcelling' cargoes 🪄

How? When Cargo circulations reference words like: 'parcelling', 'part cargo', 'combination cargo' or any other variation of language, we label them as 'Combi Cargo

If you do parcelling, this filter will save you hours.

Tip: Try tagging 🏷 cargoes to build a view of combined cargoes for a vessel 😉

Tolerance days in Able to Make

Some users have requested to have tolerance days when setting ETA Dates within the Able to Make feature of the Tonnage screens. Just a week later we're proud to have released it, to help you find the best candidates ✨

Set your tolerance days to show vessels that may be willing to wait or speed up to make the required area & lay-can, and visualise vessels that will arrive Early, On Time, or Late based on the speed you have selected.

Order & Tonnage Keyboard Shortcuts⚡️

Our keyboard shortcuts across the Tonnage and Order Screens will help you work even faster through your market circulars 🏃‍♂️💨

  • Comment Shift+C
  • Edit Tonnage/Order Row Shift+E
  • Hide Tonnage/Order Row Shift+H
  • Find Best Orders / Tonnage  Shift+F
  • Mark as 'Still There' Shift+T (to update the Date Received column)
  • Open Panel Shift+O
  • Mark as 'Working on It' Shift+W
  • Bookmark Shift+B
  • Copy Tonnage (Short Desc) to Clipboard Shift+D

View All your emails in one place

Go to All emails in Shipfix Mail to display every email in your Shipfix universe and across all connected mailboxes: Sent, Received, Archived, Snoozed - the whole lot

As there's no limit to email storage on Shipfix, this is a great place to 'quick search' (or use our smart filters) to find whatever you're after, wherever it is, however far back it may be 🔍

Cargo Size variants now captured & displayed

This release is big news and it adds real functionality where you demanded it 😍

We're now extracting and displaying the Cargo Size (MTs) variants in the Orders screen, both when extracted from emails, or added via the platform's "white box".

For example, a cargo of 60,000/10 is now displayed as 54,000-66,000 MTs, rather than 60,000 MTs. In practice this means that your Cargo Size filters will capture more cargoes that would previously have not displayed for a better coverage of potentially suitable cargoes for your vessel 💰

More Inbox Keyboard Shortcuts 🚀

Our keyboard shortcuts for Shipfix Mail allow you to work quicker and process hundreds of emails as fast as your brain can go⚡️

All shortcuts are now listed here with fresh additions in bold:

  • Reply R
  • Reply All Enter
  • Forward F
  • Archive/Unarchive E (Use Shift+E to Archive & move upward on your email list at the same time)
  • Enable 'Bulk Select' mode S
  • Mark as Read Shift+I
  • Set a Reminder H (note: you must give this one a try if you haven't yet!)
  • Mark as Unread U
  • Flag as Important + or =
  • Print Email Shift+P
  • 'Working on It' Shift+A
  • Tag Emails Shift+T
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